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Hannah & Robert This couple is one of a kind. I met Robert many years ago when he was two feet shorter than me. He's definitely not shorter than me anymore. It was such an honor to capture your wedding day in photographs you two. Hannah is one of those people that you meet and immediately feel like you have known for years. They are both such sweet people. Well worth the trip out to the flat lands of Kansas. I wish you the very best this life has to offer in your new life together and hope to see you again soon.

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Jenna & Landon "It's going to be geeky" was almost the first thing Jenna said to me when we met. Well it wasn't geeky, but there were superhero comics, Harry Potter memorabilia, and bridesmaids with lightsabers, these were my kind of people. It was such a great time documenting your wedding day Jenna and Landon. You are real and fun. Thank you for letting me be a part.


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Sarah Jane & Brett I love these two. They had an amazing low stress wedding day and it was perfect. Some of the sweetest people ever. Thank you for letting me be a part. I wish you all the best and love you to death.

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Joel Bell First off, I love this kid. I've been lucky enough to know him for a few years and watch him grow into a man with an amazing heart and talent. I couldn't be prouder of you Joel. You have finally grown into your feet lol.


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Skipper Cook Wedding This couple were fun and easy to work with. Thank you guys so much for working with me and letting me be part of your wedding day.

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Waiting On Cash Happy birthday Trey! Thanks for letting me photograph you Marki. Can't wait to meet you little guy.


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Simmons 2015 After a great morning running with the Birmingham Track Club, I got to reunite with these cats. It's always easier to photograph pretty people, and it was an awesome morning for the first day of August. These guys cracked me up and I'm super happy with the resulting images. Thanks guys!

I know this one is a little on the dark side, but I absolutely love it!

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Red Headed Kids After shooting photos for the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis this weekend, I got to go shoot some family photos for old friends. I was greatly outnumbered by red headed individuals, and in spite of what you seem to think Stephanie, I do have tons of fun photographing your awesome crazy kids. It was great to you guys.

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Crystal & Keith I had the opportunity to photograph possibly the most genuinely nice and sweet couple ever. The easiest people on the world to work with. Your wedding was beautiful. I hope today was all you hoped it would be. Crystal and Keith, you guys were just awesome! Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I wish you the best in the world. You deserve it.

Also, Thank you Joe Paul for second shooting!


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Phillips Wedding A very special wedding for two very awesome people. I love you guys. Thank you for allowing me to capture some of your wedding day.

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Miss R

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Jayme & John So once again I've been neglecting the blog. I always end up leaving it and then swearing to myself that I'll post after every shoot and... well we know what happens then. Even so, I'm back again. Yesterday I was able to shoot an engagement session for my friend John and his beautiful bride to be Jayme. We had fun.. or I had fun and they had fun laughing at me. Either way it was a good time, and we got some great shots for them.

First session with the D600 for me after renting it a few times. I looove the full frame and it was worth it for sure. Here's a peek of what we got.

(click to enlarge)

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Hardys! Had a hard time getting started, aka I didn't show up on time. Still feel so bad about that guys. Ended up going smooth and getting some great portraits. Can't wait to meet the newest member of the family in a few months.

(click on an image to view it large)

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Lacey & Ben This couple had a amazingtastic wedding out west with just a few people around, and then had a reception back east for the rest of their family and friends that couldn't make it across the country. It was beautiful. On the lake at sunset. Here is a bit of what it looked like. Thanks Lacey and Ben for having me there.

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1 Years! Makes me feel old to think that my buddy Jace is a little past the 1 year mark now. He's walking and everything! He's already a master of tweaking guitar tone. He's secretly been setting all my pedal tones for months. Here's a few that we got today.

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Miss May Great quick session with this great girl. Nobody can say she didn't smile enough.

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Family! I had never met with this family before the shoot, but quick friends were made. They all posed so easy and seemed comfortable interacting during the shoot. Great smiles all around! Thanks for making my job easy guys.

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The Proposal When Daniel asked me to take photos of his elaborate proposal, a few things flash through my mind. The biggest being, "I hope she says yes or this could get awkward". Being that he's a cool guy, I knew she would, especially after I saw the crazy setup work this guy did. Huge hand made signs, old doors, flower arrangements, violinist in a field.

Thanks for including me in such a personal moment. Good luck with the wedding planning!

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The Mitchells It seems to be the time for newborns lately. I really enjoyed working with this family. From the time I walked in the door they were like friends that I'd just never met before. They have a beautiful little girl and we had a great session for her first photoshoot.

Here's a preview so you won't have to wait to see anything ;)


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Josh & Courtney (+1) I've known these two for a quite a while, and can't wait to meet the next member of their family. Friday I was so sick I couldn't move and didn't think that I'd be able to make it to their portrait session today but we made it happen. I for one am pretty happy with the outcome. Courtney and Josh are an awesome couple of people and I'm so happy to document this time in their lives.
I loved getting to use this new prop that I recently acquired.
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My name is Steven and I'm a camera addict

 I admit it, I can't stop myself from buying every cool old camera I find in thrift stores, pawn shops, or on craigslist.

  It may be a fad that will die out in a couple years to love the washed out colors and grainy low contrast images of old polaroids and plastic lens cameras. I don't care though, because a good image is a good image regardless of format. I've had a lot of fun shooting with some of my plastic lens 35mm  cameras that I've found here and there for less than a dollar each. It's a more fun way to get into low-fi photography (or lomography or holgagraphy or whatever you call it) to spend 35 cents on a plastic camera and shoot a roll than to buy a new "retro" camera for $50. You never know what you've got, and you never know what to expect from the negatives until you see them.

These are two more I picked up tonight at a thrift store. The polaroid was a quarter and the little "Kan Kon" was ninety nine cents. Of course feeding them will cost more, but its all for fun anyway. I'm wanting to do a few polaroid albums for portrait sessions. That's definitely something not all your friends get when they get their portrait made.



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Baby Curry
     We were never able to 
get a newborn session in, 
but we have three month 
     I love this couple and it's 
always awesome to be able 
to hang out with them and 
get some photos. This little 
girl was so easy to get good 
shots with. She's going to be 
a poser like her daddy ;) 
They are a very pretty 
family and I can't wait till 
next time!

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Family I had the privilege of photographing this cool couple's wedding this year. It was a fun outdoor wedding but it was at night and we weren't able to get any portraits before the sun went down. We were able to go for a mini portrait session at sunset yesterday. Somehow lately I haven't been able to convince anybody to do a session at a golden hour and so I was pretty happy while shooting in perfect just before sunset light.



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Happy Anniversary I can't believe its already been a year since you guys got married. It was a great wedding day. Complete with a good summer rain shower. Thank you both for including and choosing me to photo your memories.

One year later to the day here are some portraits to commemorate your anniversary.


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Seniors 2011! It seems like high school was yesterday, but I turned around and its been a few years already. I guess I should probably grow up or something... maybe later. Today I was able to do a senior portrait session with a beautiful young lady. Lately I've had nothing but easy to work with and good looking people. We had some fun shooting at a new spot for me. (I'll be back) Here is a peek at what we got.

Seniors 2011

Seniors 2011

Seniors 2011

Seniors 2011

Seniors 2011

Seniors 2011

Seniors 2011


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Spring Classic (Wednesday) Tuesday 13766 Adam Cianciarulo Practicing In Schoolboy

Tuesday 13853 I'm shooting all week at Millcreek MX in Pell City, AL for the 2011 Thor Spring Classic amateur national motocross race. Practice ran all day Tuesday on Millcreek's slightly wet (but still very nice) track. It was overcast all day but for the most part the rain held off until practice was over. There were a few classes that I missed because of a little rain that I didn't want in my camera. So if you're looking through the albums and can't find your rider, either their photos haven't uploaded yet, or they were riding in the rain. Either way, I'll be shooting all the races this week and should have plenty of shots of every class.

Today (Wednesday) looks like a wash. Due to the crazy amount of rain that got dumped on us last night and this morning, RPM Sports has decided to delay racing until the track can be dried out a little and cleaned up. Racing will be pushed back to Thursday around . Until then, check out the shots from practice at

Check out Vurb Moto's ( blog for awesome photo/video updates on who's who in the amateur national scene this year at Millcreek. Also stay updated on the track's website at

Here are a few shots from practice. To see more and order prints, click here

Tuesday 13520

Tuesday 12222

Tuesday 14008

Tuesday 13895

Tuesday 13480

Tuesday 13473
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Ginger & Mike Ginger-196 I shot my first wedding of the year yesterday. It went so easy that it didn't feel like work. Ginger and Mike were possibly the easiest people to work with ever. It was a smaller ceremony at the Victoria Inn and Restaurant in Anniston, AL. Here is a peek at some of the photos we took.

Thanks Ginger and Mike for choosing us to capture your special day. We thoroughly enjoyed it.


Ginger-158 Ginger-89 Ginger-98-Edit
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More Metal! I just love shooting photos in dark places. It really makes for some difficult conditions, but I just love the challenge of having so little light to work with. Makes me get creative and push myself and my knowledge to the limit.

Well I got another chance to shoot some pretty heavy Christian bands. The lighting was different than most concert venues as the lights were all plain white spots. Usually I have lots of fun colored lights to play with and it makes for easy processing work. With the plain lights, I lean towards either a monochrome or slightly cold desaturated color image when editing.

Check out what I got.



Hardcore Worship

If you have a show or event coming up and need photos, contact me through my website at

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Hartsville, SC Take 8 Its crazy to think that this is the eighth year that we've come to Hartsville, South Carolina for Judgment House. We always have a great time with all the awesome people up here. I pretty much live with a camera around my neck no matter where I am so I'll probably be posting a bit while we're here.

I've been using my D90 with my manual focus 50mm f/1.4. That combo lets me shoot in almost complete darkness. Most of these pictures were shot well after "good available light". 

These are two of the coolest kids ever!

Tuggie killing the target.

This church always has a great sunset.

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Metal Time I went out to Zydeco Sunday night to get some shots of my boys Labyrinth Within playing a battle of the bands. I had a lot of fun and got some fun shots and thankfully made it out with all my gear intact. I also shot all the other bands who were playing. Here is some of the mayhem that ensued.

Click to see bigger versions on flickr and please leave a comment.


untitled shoot-038.jpg untitled shoot-187.jpg

untitled shoot-127.jpg untitled shoot-125.jpg

untitled shoot-011.jpg

untitled shoot-372.jpg untitled shoot-382.jpg

untitled shoot-213.jpg untitled shoot-247.jpg

untitled shoot-110.jpg

untitled shoot-097.jpg

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Night Lights (when the crazies come out) 9-3lightpaint-028.jpg I'm getting rusty on my light painting lately so I waited till the middle of the night to go out armed with half a dozen colored flash lights, some toys, a speedlight, and some steel wool to get some artistic exercise.

 This year I've had a lot of fun learning about light painting. Its a completely different world from the weddings, portriats, and motocross photography that I do, and while I'm still learning in all areas, light painting is an amazing exercise in composition. It makes me take all three dimensions into consideration more than just making sure my depth of field is going to be appropriate for my composition.

  The picture below actually was an accident. It consists of me chasing my brother around with flaming steel wool and him trying to fight me back with a light saber.


I've learned that to incorporate light painting into a portrait (or portraiture into light painting), I have to take into consideration what I want to be in front. Its like layering in photoshop. In this one I first popped the subject (my bro James) with a speedlight through a small softbox. Then while he stood completely still, I ran around him waving my red light around to make the designs behind and beside him. If he had moved away from where he was standing, the light from the red torch would cover over his face and body. By the way, this is the only image that was photoshoped in this post. The rest are exactly as they were out of the camera except for some cropping.


The green orb in this one is an example of how hard it is to compose while standing in front of a camera in total darkness. My intention was to center the green orb up in the middle of the blue. I still love the green lines in both of these.



I hope some of you go out and play around with some lights soon. As always, please leave a comment and don't forget to find me on facebook and twitter.

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Win Some Lose Some So after a great day of second shooting at a wedding Saturday, I stayed up literally all night getting all gear ready to go for shooting/on site printing at the Challenger's Cup at Millcreek MX Park. It started steadily raining about 4am and never let up. At 6am Sunday, I packed up and headed out in spite of the rain hoping for the rain to stop and the race to go on as scheduled. Since Millcreek is only a few minutes from home I wasn't very worried about possibly having to turn around and head back home.

Bummed out folks seeking shelter at the concession building.
Kevin Cozadd

When I got to the track it was pretty soggy from all the rain and no sign of getting any better. After wrapping my D90 with a 18-200 lens up in a plastic walmart bag I ran for cover in the stands where Kevin Kozad of MXers For Jesus was getting ready to have church with a bunch of sleepy looking muddy riders. If for nothing else I got to listen to Kevin's sermon and have church in the mud. I didn't get many photos, but I kicked the D90 into video and got Kevin's message below. Its shaky but the audio isn't too bad.

Only a couple minutes after the service, the track owner came out and announced that he was calling the race due to the weather and condition of the track. Not much you can do to control mother nature. Many riders had come from neighboring states to race. I loaded up, headed home, and slept the rest of the day :) Maybe I'll have better luck next week.

[email protected] (Steven Bagley Photography) Kevin Cozadd Millcreek bad ministry motocross motorcycle motox mxers for jesus rain weather Tue, 31 Aug 2010 01:39:00 GMT
Good Place To Be The Hand

While I sit in my parents basement at 23 years old surrounded by computer monitors, printers and my camera equipment, with a sleepy itunes playlist of Dido, Rocky Votolato, Iron & Wine, and such at almost 1 am, I know I'm not where I thought I'd be when I walked for graduation over 5 years ago. I've never had a strong direction that I knew I wanted to throw my life into. I have been so many places and experienced more than most of the people I encounter.

More and more, life seems to be more of a maze than a time line. Every time I think I've found something I can mold myself into and focus my time on, something new and shiny comes along to chase after. I'm not complaining in the least. Each new job, group of people, art form, and opportunity just seem to push me on towards new inspiration and new adventures, but sometimes its hard to put life into perspective. To compare oneself to your own preconceived notions of who, where, and what you should be.

Tied up

Lately I've had a lot to reflect on and evaluation of my current priorities. I'm excited for the direction that photography has taken me in the past year. At the same time, I miss music, old friends, and time that can't be had again.

Enough sentiment, I'm ready for this weekend. I'm lucky to be doing one of the things I love, photographing people. Coming to grips with what drives me to capture a still millisecond of someone else's existence leaves me with only the idea that I do it to better understand people. To catch that second of a smile, laugh, tear, or thoughtful empty gaze. I'm pretty happy with where I am and wherever I'm heading.

Please leave me a comment below.


Monster Mt

Long Day
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Weddings Laura & Micah I've been busy making the rounds on the wedding circuit. I've had fun watching some friends and strangers tie the knot. Congratulations to Laura & Micah who's wedding I had the privilege of photographing yesterday. It was pretty much perfect.






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Alabama Motocross Photography      This summer I've had the chance to shoot some Alabama amateur motocross races. Everyone who knows me knows that I love riding bikes (and that I haven't been able to in a while). So any chance I get to hang out at a track is like Christmas for me. My poor dirty camera gear might not feel the same but I don't much care.
      Its a different challenge to shoot MX because of the times of day that you have to shoot during. Its almost guaranteed that you will spend a few hours shooting in the bright, direct, straight up in the sky sun. Highlights are harsh and shadows disappear. This is exaggerated by the fact that shooting in JPEG mode is preferable for shooting thousands of photos in a few hours to save hard drive space and to keep from hitting the camera buffer and missing "the shot".

    Here are some shots from the last race I attended.

Prints from the races are available in the recent shoots section of my site.   RECENT
I'm looking forward to shooting at the AMPMX August Classic this weekend. Come out for some great racing. Feel free to comment with any questions

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